As the seasons change and you take time to get your car ready. We have an all-weather car detailing service guide here which may prove useful! Take the time to make sure you are stocked and ready for whatever you might face in the coming months. This is also a great chance to have your car checked.

Prepare for the worst with these simple cold-weather tips.

As cold weather sets in, this is a great chance to gather some essentials for the coming months. Here are a few of our recommendations for getting ready to cool down.

- An Ice Scraper

It really is a vital tool for getting windshields and windows free from ice which may block your view.

- Gloves

Keeping a pair of gloves in your car can be especially helpful when scraping off ice or snow which may have accumulated overnight. Tuck a pair in the glove box!

- Flashlight

Flashlights, especially those powered by a hand crank are super powerful, and great for any condition, you might find yourself in, from flagging down another driver to fixing flat tires at night.

- Jumper Cables

If you don’t have jumper cables in your trunk, consider this our professional recommendation.

Truthfully, though, jumper cables can mean a make or break situation, and the difference between driving home quickly or getting stuck for quite some time, waiting for another driver with cables to pull up to provide assistance.

- Clean It Up!

Take time as the seasons change to clean out your car. We have a full, cool-weather cleaning guide here which may prove useful! Take the time to make sure you are stocked and ready for whatever you might face in the coming months.

This is also a great chance to have your car checked out, in preparation for fall and winter. Check to ensure that your tires are able to handle the variety of weather conditions you might be facing and that you have appropriate oil and brake fluid. Regular maintenance benefits you in driving your car and the road experience, but one that has a properly working engine and all systems in alignment can make your winter experience safer for everyone.

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This quick guide gives you a simple rundown on how to clean out your car quickly, with some

helpful tips and tricks to get you started.

Fall Car Cleaning

Ways to keep your car in tip-top shape for autumn.

Time to pack away the swimsuit, and embrace the cool winds of fall. Here are some of

our best ways to get your car in gear for fall.

Toss the Trash

Take a few minutes to search your car for the rubbish you’ve collected along the way.

Outside of the regular places, search under seats, in seatback pockets, and anywhere

things may have rolled or been hastily stuffed.

Toss out those old fast food utensils, condiments, and vaguely useful junk you might

have collected along the way, but never used.

Throw out any old air fresheners which have long-since lost their scent, and check for

your registration and insurance details in the glove compartment. Ensure everything you

have is up to date, and that the documents you have with you are accurate.


If you can have your car detailed and cleaned, then that’s often a worthwhile expense,

but for those who wish to spend their cash in different ways, consider heading to the

nearest gas station with a vacuum, armed with cleaning spray, a cloth, and some elbow


Take the time to remove any floor mats you might have, and get in there, removing dirt,

sand, and debris from your summertime adventures. Clean up those crumbs, and take

time to go over your seats, as well.


Look for cleaning products that are gentle but effective, and do not require rinsing. Take

the time to clean out cup holders, and wipe down surfaces of coffee stains or mud which

may have made its way inside after a long day adventuring. Wipe off the dashboard of any dust, take time to clean the windows, and check for small the damage you might have picked up along the way.

Restock Your Essentials

This is a great chance to restock your car with necessary essentials, like tissues, mints

or gum, napkins; whatever helps you along the way. Enjoy your nice clean space, and

share with us your favorite tips for fall car maintenance!

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